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Smocked Easter Clothes

Smocked Easter clothing in pastels of Easter Egg colors are a beautiful way to celebrate the new season. An Easter dress of outfit can become a child's Sunday best for the new season of spring and summer.

smocked clothes

Smocked Christmas outfits are great for the Christmas family gatherings and especially for church.

Even Halloween can be celebrated with smocked Halloween clothing that makes children and parents smile. Fall clothing for children with smocked fall desgins like scarecrows, pumpkins, and turkeys are perfect for the gatherings and especially for Thanksgiving.

Discount smocked clothes for children are available through .We have listings by SIZES or by boutique brands like Vive La Fete, Anavini, Beaux et Belles, Orient Expressed, Bailey Boys, or Kelly's Kids. We choose the best children's boutique brands to include so that you can find quality hand smocked children's clothing at bargain prices. Browse by size or brand name (see Sidebar MENU) the streamed auctions for a great choice of children's boutique brand clothing.


Smocked Jon Jons have such personality as does this precious white romper smocked with hopping bunnies which translates into Easter bunnies when the season comes. For the rest of springtime and summer, they are just happy hoppy bunnies. This particular design is available this year on eBay in multiple sizes and even matches up with smocked sister dresses.

See more about Easter Shortalls


Smocked Easter Jon Jon
Orient Expressed


Orient Expressed makes precious smocked outfits for little boys including this Orient Expressed smocked shortalls, longalls, smocked bubbles (also for girls), and adorable smocked rompers.

You can browse by size through all the namebrands-



Smocked Boys Shortall

Traditional smocked clothing for children is still a particular favorite. Classic seasonal fabrics for each season in soft cottons create the perfect pallette for artistic smocked designs.

Vive La Fete -


Vive La Fete smocked children's clothing is absolutely delightful. This smocked Vive La Fete shortall is an example of an original smocked design of a happy lime green alligator between palm trees. What little boy wouldn't love to dress up with an alligator on his chest? Vive La Fete is a favorite boutique designer of smocked children's clothes.

Browse Vive La Fete smocked clothing

Vive La Fete smocked shortall jon jon
Orient Expressed -

Browse Orient Expressed Smocked Clothes

Orient Expressed creates lovely smocked designs like this light blue ballerina bishop dress and this smocked choo choo train baby shortall trimmed in white piping. Orient Expressed workers spend hours and hours of creative energy and labor produce a single piece of clothing. The actual smocking itself takes up to 20 hours of labor for each clothing piece plus assembly, and construction.

Smocked Clothes

Above picture from: Orient Expressed

Toddler Suits for Boys -

Little boys outgrow smocked clothes. Most parents don't want their boys to wear smocked clothes after they are three years old or so. Sometimes they ask to dress like Daddy. They want to wear a real suit. So do they still make suits toddlers? Yes they do and the price is better than I expected.

To see more toddler suits for boys see our Boys Toddler Suits page. For under $30 you can buy a boy's suit that looks fantastic.


Baby boy suit for Easter

From bishops to bubbles, from longalls to rompers, from John Johns to shortalls, smocked clothing for children goes where ever your child goes and fits in fine. Smocked clothing for boys and girls never goes out of style.

English smocking is an embroidery technique used to gather fabric into pleats so that it can stretch. Before elastic was available, smocking was commonly used in cuffs, bodices, and necklines in garments for a soft give. Smocking and has been practiced since Medieval times. Smocking was practical for garments to be both form fitting and flexible. Smocking was used most extensively in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Smocking today is not exclusively used on children's clothing, but it is extremely popular for children's outfits in that it combines the artistic designs that parents and children love as well as the comfort that smocking affords to a garment. Children's wear should always maintain the classic elements that have, for generations, adorned beloved little ones!

The smocking has a connection with the past like no other design in children's clothing. Even so,the smocking designs continue to evolve with innovative creations and boutique lines ever being added to the mix. In that sense, smocked clothing for children is as modern as ever, even while retaining the traditional smocking art that is so loved by all. Children enjoy wearing smocked clothes because they are comfortable and the design inspires the imagination which makes the garment fun to wear. Smocked clothing is comfortable because the pleats 'give' to the movements of a child and also allow for a child's growth over the months of wear. Most smocked clothing is entirely machine washable, but each garment should be checked for washing instructions.

This video on little boys shortalls, longalls, and jon jons (rompers) was so surprising to me because it is made by a man that loves to collect these little boys clothes. He explains what smocking and applique are and as he shows each clothing article in his collection, he explains all the special qualities of the clothes. I have never met a man that had such a genuine interest in artful clothing for children. My husband doesn't even know what a shortall is. LOL.


We are working hard to offer a grand variety of smocked boys clothing specializing in smocked toddler clothing and smocked baby clothes. Easter is fast approaching and there are so many beautiful smocked children's clothes to include. Check back soon.

In the meantime, you can visit our sister site   Smocked Dresses where you can browse by size of boutique brand for beautiful Easter dresses as well as little boys' shortalls, rompers, bubbles, jon jons, all in time for Easter wear and warm spring days.

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